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Welcome to NCBCT

Welcome to the Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology. Some of the advantages you gain by studying with us include:

  • 1-2 students maximum - for the individualized attention you desire
  • Financial Independence – Trainees start successful businesses and become financially independent.
  • Employment – Through practical training the unemployed and the under-employed gain sufficient competence to start income generating activities that make them self –employed.
  • Investors – Tailor made courses assist the investors.
  • Employers – Don’t have to struggle with training their bakery staff.
  • Bakery Owners, Hotel owners and Managers – Receive tailor- made training and practical skills upgrading.
  • House wives – Acquire practical skills and start their businesses.
  • Employees working on full time or part-time basis – Improve their competence through skills upgrading and are awarded college certificates.
  • Start –ups – Completely new persons in the bakery industry acquire practical skills.
  • Professionals – sharpen their competence through refresher courses.
  • Baking and Cooking for Leisure – Practical training (part-time) over the weekdays or week-ends.
  • Flexibility – The attendance is flexible to suit the convenience of trainees.

Bakeries Start-up course

Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology teaches a complete course in opening bakeries on a budget.

Each course is tailored to the needs of the individual student and their individual goals. We are the only school that customizes our course to fit the student and we are the only school that teaches one-on-one.

"Complete Bakery Start-up" for Bakeries on a Budget – intensive baking of cakes, pastries and breads or any other categories of products. This course teaches the entrepreneur how to: