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Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology teaches a complete course in opening bakeries on a budget.

Each course is tailored to the needs of the individual student and their individual goals. We are the only school that customizes our course to fit the student and we are the only school that teaches one-on-one.

"Complete Bakery Start-up" for Bakeries on a Budget – intensive baking of cakes, pastries and breads or any other categories of products. This course teaches the entrepreneur how to:

  • Decide about the legal form of the business. KShs. 1,500 for 1 Day
  • Draft a marketing plan. KShs. 10,500 for 5 Days
  • Premises layout, both baking and retail spaces. KShs. 5,000 for 3 Days
  • Production scheduling. KShs. 4,000 for 3 Days
  • Formulas of products. KShs. 3,000 for 3 Days
  • Learning professional techniques and 100% hands-on baking of the formulas. KShs. 32,000 for 30 Days
  • Learning troubleshooting techniques. KShs. 3,500 for 3 Days
  • Sanitation. KShs. 3,500 for 3 Days
  • Bakery equipment needs. KShs. 2,000 for 1 Day
  • Cost their goods and services. KShs. 3,500 for 3 Days
  • Employee scheduling and job descriptions. KShs. 3,500 for 3 Days
  • Product line planning. KShs. 2,000 for 2 Days
  • Licenses and permits needed. KShs. 1,000 for 1 Day
  • Marketing distribution and advertising techniques. KShs. 5,000 for 5 Days
  • Forecast the finances. KShs. 5,000 for 5 Days

Total Course Cost: KShs. 85,000/=

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